How has the NBA changed since Klay Thompson's last game?

The long wait came to an end. NBA fans, the Golden State Warriors, but especially Klay Thompson, will celebrate the moment when the swingman reappears after more than 900 days of missing a court in official play.

On Saturday Thompson reported that he would return with the Warriros in the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers and although the ‘splash brother’ has not been completely away from the NBA, he will find a League totally different from the one he left in Game 6 of the 2019 Finals played between his team and the Toronto Raptors. That day, June 13, 2019, Klay suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee and subsequently, while recovering from that injury, tore his right Achilles tendon before starting training camp.

On Sunday, Thompson will join a team that has lived through everything, from registering one of its worst seasons, to once again being considered one of the candidates for the championship this season and whose numbers in the West support it: 29-9 .763.

During Klay’s absence the Association has had to reinvent itself, establish new rules and have also had sad times.

These are some things that have changed in the NBA since Klay Thompson last played, 941 days ago, and of which he is clearly no stranger.

one.- A ‘new’ world: COVID-19 did not exist.

two.- It will ‘premiere’ house: The Warriors (and their neighbors, the Raiders) still played in Oakland. Sunday will be Thompson’s first game at the Chase Center in San Francisco, while the Raiders moved to Las Vegas.

3.- Goodbye to legends: The NBA lost Kobe Bryant, Elgin Baylor, Jerry Sloan, David Stern, and Paul Westphal.

4.- Unimaginable changes: Kevin Durant was his teammate on the Warriors, Kawhi Leonard was crowned with the Raptors and now cannot play for the Clippers due to injury; Russell Westbrook led OKC and went inglorious for the Rockets; Jimmy Butler was trying to find his place in the 76ers, Anthony Davis was looking to get out of the Pelicans; came to Lakers to be champion. James Harden was left without a deal with the Rockets and went to Brooklyn to accompany KD; Kyrie Irving was trying to be the leader of the Celtics and now he can’t quite play for the Nets. DeMar DeRozan played with the Spurs without much success and is now a key piece for the Bulls to hold the best record in the Eastern Conference (26-19 .722).

5.- New distinctions: Giannis Antetokounmpo won 2 MVPs, an NBA Finals MVP and an All-Star Game MVP (his first MVP was announced 11 days after Thompson’s injury).

6.- A League in constant motion: A total of 767 different players have appeared in an NBA game.

All this will remain in the anecdote once the tip-off of the game against the Cavs sounds so that Klay has the ball in his hands again, is surrounded by his brothers, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green and sheltered by his people.

With information from Adrian Wojnarowski and ESPN Stats & Info.