Esa pelea me gusta mucho: Jake Paul explica por qué quiere pelear con Chávez Jr

Jake paul explained his reasons for wanting to confront Julio César Chávez Jr, and also assures that he wants to do three fights in 2022 and among his main wishes are Mike tyson Y Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.

After knocking out last December Tyron woodley the name of Julio César Chávez Jr to face the youtuber, who would be willing to face him.

“The fight with Julio Cesar Chavez I like very much”, explained Jake paul in a talk for Boxing with Chris Mannix. “Help shut up the critics. He is a former world champion and I know I can beat him, that challenge excites me ”.

Paul He assures that people demand him to fight a real boxer and that is precisely what he wants.

“That’s what people don’t understand,” he says. Paul. “When I knocked out Woodley, they asked me to fight a real boxer. I have tried (with Tommy fury) and walked out of the fight two weeks earlier. I want to fight a real boxer. I try, I want to face a real boxer and I am going to do it, but be patient ”.

Mike Tyson and Canelo on Jake Paul’s Wish List

“In Twitter I posted my wish list, ”he said Jake Paul. “(Confront) Mike tyson It would be the most incredible thing in the world ”.

In addition to wanting a lawsuit with the former heavyweight world champion, he made it clear that he would measure up to number one. Pound for pound of the present, as Canelo, it would also be very attractive.

Canelo It is there and I know it can come if I am in my best condition ”, assured the youtuber. “He is the best boxing idea at the moment, he is a warrior and a world champion, if I can be at my best I can face him.”

He wants to fight three times in 2022

Finally, Jake paul He commented that his goal is to fight three times in 2022 and he will work for it, each time with more confidence when he steps into a ring.

“My first big goal is to fight three times in the year,” he concluded. It may or may not happen, but I work for it, I have great aspirations and to knock out every time I step into the ring, in each fight I gain more confidence, I level up. People want me to lose and they hate me, but I use that to motivate myself ”.