LIDOM: Dominican police present report on gunshot wound at Julián Javier Stadium

The police authorities of San Francisco de Macorís indicated that the circumstances in which a person was injured at the Gigantes del Cibao stadium involve a Dominican Army officer and a third person who was also injured.

The first police report of the events that occurred at noon in the Julian Javier Stadium, house of the Giants of the Cibao in Dominican winter baseball has been published by the corresponding authorities.

As indicated by the National Police of the Dominican Republic Through a press release, an officer of the National Army (ERD) wounded two men, one in the neck and the other in the left arm, in the middle of the incident that went viral through social networks in the Caribbean country , where a crowd of people was seen in front of the ticket office of the Julian Javier Stadium and after a shot from a firearm, a person fell to the ground, wounded by the fired bullet.

The Dominican police proceeded to identify those involved, including the ERD member, who was also injured in the brawl and from whom the firearm that caused the confusing incident was seized.

The authorities did not give details of how the events occurred, indicating that the investigation remains open and that more details will be provided later.

In several of the videos that were made public during the early afternoon of this Saturday, it can be seen how several agents of the Dominican national army forcibly removed an individual from the box office area of ​​the Julian Javier Stadium of San Francisco de Macorís. Seconds later, a firearm shot is heard and immediately, a person falls to the ground and everyone who was nearby is seen, running to get safe.

The Giants of the CibaoOn their side, they have promised to support the investigation of the police authorities, as well as to cover the medical expenses of the person who was injured in the neck during the incident.