George Kambosos y Teófimo López

George Kambosos revealed how he planned the right hand with which he brought down Teofimo Lopez in the first round of the lightweight fight on November 27, 2021.

“I marked these words and read them every day,” published the champion on his account Twitter accompanied by a passage from the book Iron ambition from Mike tyson. “For months and months until it comes true.”

Cush, How can I fight this guy? Ali asked, ”says the underlined paragraph. “You have to take his greatest strength and transform it into his weakness. Foreman He doesn’t respect you, he thinks you can’t hurt him. Throw a strong right hand and hurt him. What you have to do is go in the first round and get in a good position, throw a strong right hand and damage Foreman. Your first hit should be a forehand that shows all your bad intentions ”.

The words you highlighted are from Cus D’Amato, legendary boxing coach who envisioned Tyson from the age of 17 as a future world champion and shaped fighters like Floyd Patterson.

The Australian recalled that the last time he reviewed them was prior to looking for the belts and felt that it was the key to finally surprise in New York.

“The last time I went over them was right before the fight,” he noted. “When from my room I saw the Madison Square Garden, I just knew that it would be special with those words from the great Cus D’amato“.

The right wing of Kambosos that brought down Teófimo López

Kambosos surprised in the first round by sending to the canvas Theophimus with a right hand. The boxer of Honduran origin came out very aggressive in search of the knockout and in an oversight the flying of George.

Teo he recovered quickly, but lost the following rounds. For the 10th round, Lopez he landed a blow that sent the Australian to the canvas. However, it was not enough.

George ended up taking the triumph by decision divided by cards of 115-112 and 115-111 in favor of Kambosos, while the other judge gave 114-113 to Theophimus. That way, Kambosos extended his undefeated record to 20 wins.

After the fight, several light weight fighters expressed their desire to look for a shot at the belts.

However, it is currently unknown who will be the next rival of George Kambosos, but there has been talk of a possible unification before Devin Haney, monarch of CMB, or a confrontation with Vasyl Lomachenko.