Por protegerlo pararon la pelea: Antonio Margarito acusa a Comisión de Nueva York de proteger a Miguel Cotto en revancha

Antonio Margarito assured that in the rematch with Miguel Cotto They protected the Puerto Rican, because had he continued the fight he would have knocked him out as in his first confrontation.

“To really protect him, I think they stopped the fight,” he said. Margarito in an interview with the channel Boxing4Life.

In the first fight between the two, on July 26, 2008 in Las Vegas, Cotto dominated the first part of the fight and was better than the Tijuana tornado, who recovered in the second half until he knocked out the Puerto Rican in 11 rounds. For Margarito, the rematch on December 3, 2011 at Madison Square Garden was a repeat.

“Many say that the fight was the same (to the first one), for me too,” he recalled. Margarito. “He started to get tired, it was very similar to the first fight. It was decreasing, it was the copy of the first fight, it was not in his land, but as if it were, in New York.

Little more than a year before, Antonio Margarito had suffered a broken orbital bone in the fight with Manny pacquiao. For the same reason, he knew that at any moment he was going to ignite, but from what he experienced before Cotto He did not believe that it was necessary to stop the fight, and insisted that they protect the Puerto Rican.

“It was the copy of the first, if they hadn’t stopped it, I’m almost sure that in the last rounds I would have finished it like in the first,” he said. Margarito. “In Nevada or California they wouldn’t have stopped her, but we were in New York, which I think is her home. They defended Cotto, but not to mention ”.

Antonio Margarito he said sorry for not having decided from the beginning to finish with Miguel Cotto in the rematch. He is sure that he would have defeated him for the second time, as well as ending the doubts that there was something irregular in his bandage in the first fight between them.

“I regretted so much because I said: a Cotto I’m going to win him again and show that there was nothing (illegal in the bandage in the first one), ‘”he said. Margarito. “From the first round I wanted to push to finish it sooner. I didn’t, and the same thing happened as the first fight, the first rounds passed, then I started to push. I regret it, but I think they protected him ”.

Cotto It hit him in the eye, it became inflamed and that was essential for them to stop the fight. In Margarito’s consideration, it would have been better, even for the Puerto Rican, to get to the cards.

Cotto I would have been better, I was winning, I would have taken it by decision “, he said Margarito. “For me, he would have been even better, I was low on the cards. If she hadn’t knocked him out in the first game, he was going to win by decision, it’s good that they stopped her, but it wasn’t for that “.

Margarito points out that Miguel Cotto had no hit

Despite the reverse in that rematch fight and after liquidating Cotto In his first duel, the former Mexican world champion reiterated that the Puerto Rican had no punch. That’s why he told her that he hit like a girl.

“I swear to you that it does not have hit, that’s why I said that it hit like a girl”, he asserted Margarito. “His hit never did anything to me, that’s why I mentioned it, I never felt the hit from Cotto”.

He recalled that in his first duel he thought about taking care of the Puerto Rican’s blows, but made it clear that he never put it wrong, that’s why his criticisms of the hit of the Junito Cotto.

“When I first fought with Cotto I said I was going to take care of myself when he hit me down ”, concluded the Tijuana native. “But I keep saying that she hits like a girl, she doesn’t have hit. Did you see what made me sick? Never, because she doesn’t have a hit, that’s why I told her she hit as a child ”.