Charros de Jalisco defeats Sultanes de Monterrey and approaches the Final Series of LMP

MONTERREY – Los Charros de Jalisco made four runs in the eighth inning this Sunday, three by Agustín Ruiz’s homerun, to beat the Sultans of Monterrey 5-2 and get closer to the final of the Mexican Pacific Baseball League.

The Jalisco side took a 3-2 lead in the series and got within one victory of entering the decisive phase of the championship.

Starting pitchers Orlando Lara, for the Charros, and Cristian Castillo, for the Sultanes, dominated opposing hitters and caused the game to go scoreless in the first two-thirds.

Charros took the lead in the seventh on an RBI single by Fernando Flores, but the home team responded with a pair of runs, produced by hits from Gilberto Galaviz and Roberto Valenzuela.

When everything seemed in favor of the Sultans, the Jalisco team decided to win in the eighth, combining hits from Amadeo Zazueta, Christian Villanueva and Japhet Amador, driving force, with a home run from Agustín Ruiz.

Reliever Jared Wilson, with three hits and one run allowed in one inning, was the winner, with a backhand by Juan Noriega and save by Roberto Osuna.

The other series was also placed 3-2, after the Algodoneros de Guasave defeated the champions Tomateros de Culiacán 7-2 and added their second victory.

Forced to win at their rival’s house, by going down in the series by 1-3, the Algodoneros punished pitcher Manny Bañuelos in the first inning, who made five runs, two RBIs by Ángel Erro’s double, one by triple by Ramón Ríos, another with a double by Esteban Quiroz and another with a hit by Arturo Rodríguez.

Culiacán responded with two at the end of the first act, produced by tracks by Sebastián Elizalde and Joey Meneses, but from there the pitcher Geno Encina hung six zeros, five without allowing runs, and stopped the Tomateros offense.

In the fourth act Guasave added two runs, which reached the “home plate” with hits by Miguel Guzmán and a sacrifice fly by Marco Jaime and declared Encinas victory, with five hits admitted in seven innings, over Bañuelos.

On Tuesday, in the Jalisco and Guasave stadiums, the sixth games of the semifinals will be played, which will end when one team from each series wins four times.