Djokovic's family denounces the "torture" suffered by the tennis player

Novak Djokovic’s family denounced that the number one in the world has suffered “torture” during the time that he has been detained in Australia and has ensured that the judicial decision that allows him to enter the country is the greatest victory of his career.

So he assured the tennis player’s mother, Dijana Djokovic, during a press conference in Belgrade to analyze the court ruling that this Monday authorized the athlete to remain in Australia despite not being vaccinated against covid-19, although the Government is still considering expelling him.

Dijana Djokovic said she was concerned about the possibility that the Australian government might decide to expel the player. “I do not want to think about that, but will remain free and play,” the Australian Open, he assured.

Asked if the tennis player regrets not having been vaccinated against covid-19, the player’s brother, Djordje, assured that Novak “is only fighting for freedom of choice.” The player’s well-known opposition to the covid vaccines, mandatory to enter Australia and to play the Open, led to his confinement in a Melbourne hotel six days ago.

The tennis player argued that he had tested positive for covid-19 on December 16 and that for this reason he had received a medical exemption to play the tournament, but immigration agents denied him the visa and took him into custody. When asked how it is possible that one day after learning that he was infected, the tennis player participated in public events, the player’s brother ended the press conference.

For his part, the player’s father, Srdjan, called the judge’s ruling a great victory, not only for Djokovic and his family, but also for “the whole free world.” When asked how the tennis player feels and how what has happened will influence his game, the father assured that the number one in the world is in perfect shape. “Novak is great. He has such mental strength that all of this has not altered him at all. It has given him additional energy. He cannot wait for December 17 to come, for the tournament to start. He will win the next ten tournaments.”, he assured.

Djordje Djokovic, the player’s brother, explained that Novak is already training and was grateful to the judge responsible for the case for having shown “the truth and nothing but the truth.” In addition, he greeted all those who have supported the tennis player during his six-day retention in a Melbourne hotel, and affirmed that he and his family only have love for Australia, whose Open the Serbian tennis player has won nine times.

“We have been there and won many times. And we will continue to come.”, he claimed. Asked how Novak Djokovic will react to a possible government decision to deny him the visa despite everything, the father assured that his son will never give up.

Srdjan Djokovic denounced that his son was mistreated in Australia for coming from a small and poor country but that, despite having been deprived of all his rights, in the end he triumphed. “It has been evident that certain powerful people did not like it, it seemed impossible that a boy from a small and poor country could be the best in what for them is a bourgeois sport” (…) “They waited for him at the airport and there he They deprived of all his rights, all his rights as a human being… ”, he said.

“They did not allow him to contact his team, his friends, his lawyers, but he had to face them alone for several hours. They even deprived him of his phone for several hours, “he added. “But they could not bring him to his knees because justice and law triumphed, as in all countries of the world.”