Fury y Whyte tienen una semana adicional para negociar su pelea

The CMB has given one more week for the heavyweight champion Tyson fury Y Dillian whyte They can negotiate and agree on the winnings for each and they can sign the world title fight.

It should be remembered that for days, Whyte He has signaled his dissatisfaction with receiving 20 percent of the total purse from the battle, for which he has refused to sign the agreement.

In a statement, the agency stated: “The CMB has extended the period of free negotiations for the mandatory heavyweight title fight of the CMB between the champion Tyson fury and interim champion Dillian Whyte“.

If an agreement is not reached, the fight will go to auction, which could lead to changes in both the venue and the dates.

“If there is no agreement between the parties, an auction will be held on Tuesday, January 18 at noon at the headquarters of the CMB in Mexico City, ”the statement read.

Dillian Whyte asks for a lot of money to fight against Tyson Fury

The owner of Top rank, Bob arum, he pointed out a few days ago that they sent him a good offer to Whyte For him to sign the fight, but the challenger wants $ 10 million, an exorbitant sum for the promoter.

For this reason you already have plan B, which could be that Fury make a fight but without exposing your world titles.

“If we can’t come to a deal with Dillian whyte, we will fight for the Ring Magazine belt and the linear title and we will choose another opponent. We have to get Tyson back in the ring at the end of March, “he determined.