Julio César Chávez, el abuelo cariñoso que canta junto a su nieta

The great idol of Mexican boxing, Julio Cesar Chavez, He again showed signs of being a very affectionate grandfather with his granddaughter Julia, by sharing a video where he is seen performing and singing with her.

In this clip the former Mexican champion is seen interacting with his granddaughter in TikTok, where they both perform a song by Christian nodal Y Angela Aguilar called “Tell me how you want.” Here Chavez She is holding a rose, which she gives to her granddaughter who throws it to her, yes, both in their papers.

This video already has more than 44 thousand reproductions in the official account of Chavez, where all the fans were touched by this situation and filled with comments praising how affectionate the former boxer is.

Julia, she is the daughter of Julio César Chávez Jr. with Frida muñoz, and without a doubt it is the darling of the great Mexican champion, since we have seen him do things that we would never have imagined with his granddaughter and we have witnessed that he is a loving grandfather.

Julio César Chávez enjoys his granddaughter despite her parents’ problems

Some days ago, Frida muñoz, wife Julio César Chávez Jr., He detailed how difficult it has been to deal with the boxer and said that he is a sick person.

“What happens is that he is a good person, he is the father of my children and I love him very much, I am not going to speak ill of him … I respect my children and their parents, they also know how difficult it has been to deal with his illness, but at the end of the day he is a sick person who does not know what he is saying ”, he commented to Despierta América.