Nadal, on the Djokovic case: "It would be the fairest thing to do for the Australian Open to play"

Rafael Nadal referred again to the resolution of the case of Novak Djokovic in Australia, where the number 1 in the world has received permission from the judge, although later the government has expressed its desire not to let him enter the country in the same way.

“Seem right. It is justice that should speak in all this and I am a defender of supporting what justice says. A circus has been set up around everything, but beyond being able to agree on many of Novak’s things, justice has spoken and he has the right to be able to play the Australian Open. It would be the fairest thing, ”Nadal told local media.

Later, the Spaniard added: “On a personal level I would prefer that he not play (laughs), but it would be the best for the sport, both economically and in advertising. For the best in the world to be on the track is better than for them to be anywhere else ”.

On the other hand, Rafa also spoke about the vaccine issue and expressed his disagreement about the debate: “I think that in social networks there is a lot of space for people to say what they want in a way that on the street, facing face I would not tell you. Everyone must be free to want to do what they want, but each decision has consequences. The most important institutions in the world say that to stop this pandemic you have to get vaccinated, and I try to listen to them. I don’t feel more or less intelligent about it, I just follow what those who know more about it say. The debate that is generated about this is a circus ”.