No hubo nada en mi vendaje: Antonio Margarito asegura que no intentó usar yeso en pelea con Mosley

It has been more than 13 years since Antonio Margarito was defeated by Shane mosley, the day they discovered that the Mexican used a substance similar to plaster in his bandage, but he made it clear that he never cheated.

“I was always a clean fighter,” he said. Antonio Margarito in an interview with the channel Boxing4Life. “I never tried to harm my opponents by putting something forbidden on my bandage. That is not true”.

While his coach Javier Capetillo sold him on January 24, 2009, minutes before his fight with Shane mosley, the coach of Mosley, Naazim Richardson, a bandage specialist, noticed something strange. Margarito and his coach decided to change the bandage, even Capetillo He mentioned in an interview that he sold it on at least five occasions.

“I don’t know what that coach wanted to do (Richardson), if he wanted to take time away or something like that, “he says Margarito. “Because when Capetillo He began to bandage me, he began to make excuses. That the bandage was not going on top of the other. Capetillo I asked the boxing commission to tell them if the bandage was good, because that man said it was bad, if he had always bandaged like that ”.

Margarito remember that he even asked Capetillo to remove the bandage and re-bandage it exactly the way Richardson wanted, but Capetillo he refused.

Margarito accuses Richard Schaefer of illegally confiscating bandages

It was Richard Schaefer, who promoted the career of Mosley at that time, the one who took the bandages from Margarito after the signs of Nazim richardson that there was something weird. And according Margarito, Schaefer He decided to take the bandage, not the commission. Schaefer and part of his team began to play with him in the locker room.

“(Schaefer) got in, grabbed the bandage and said it was not right and took it away without saying anything, not even to the commission ”, recalled the Tijuana tornado. “They were throwing it, playing, I did not see it, but they were throwing it at each other. How is it possible that the commission allowed it to be thrown away? “

Remembered that Capetillo asked the California State Athletic Commission if his bandage was correct in light of the accusations of Richardson. After repeating the bandage, the situation came when Schaefer He took the bandages before the eyes of those of the commission, something that he still does not believe Margarito and that, he considers, could still appeal.

“We are still looking at the possibility of appealing that,” he said. Antonio Margarito. “It was not fair that they passed the bandage from hand to hand. There could be many things there, sooner or later the truth will come to light, but there was nothing of what they say there was (plaster), there was nothing ”.

The commission reviewed the padding in the gauze of the bandage of Margarito and found a substance similar to plaster. After going to court for the case that cost them a year in suspension, Margarito said he spoke with Capetillo and the coach made it clear to him that there was never anything weird.

“He told me like this: the bandage was fine, I had nothing,” he said. Capetillo to Margarito. And he added: “‘I think I grabbed the mattress with which the boys trained, but I had absolutely nothing.’ Everything will come to light, I never tried to harm any opponent ”.

Margarito denies using plaster in bandages against Cotto

After that fight and before the rematch with Miguel Cotto, the Puerto Rican showed some photos where he accused Margarito having used a cast on the bandage during their first fight. The Mexican defended himself again.

“If I had a cast on my hands, I think my hands would break,” he said. “If you bring a plaster so much blow your hand is going to screw you.”

Finally, Margarito questioned again the action of the California Commission, since it does not know what the relationship they had with Scheafer.

Richard Schaefer he did not have to have taken the bandage, “he concluded. “The commission would have taken it, not him. He took it to the locker room and began to pass it on to his friends, playing with the bandage, I think that’s not professional. I don’t know what relationship he had Richard with the commission, or why the commission let me do that. For me, it was wrong.