Delbonis' dark debut at the ATP 250 in Sydney

Although it all started with a change of rival, the debut of Federico Delbonis at the ATP 250 in Sydney was not good at all.

Albert Ramos decided not to show up for the game and rest for the Australian Open, so the Argentine found out minutes before going out on the field against who he was going to find.

The American, 109 in the world ranking, adapted better to the playing conditions and dispatched the 42nd in the world 6-3 and 6-1 in 65 minutes.

Curiously, the only precedent between the two was also for Kudla and it was also forceful: 6-0 and 6-3 at Queen’s 2013. His next rival will be David Goffin.

Delbonis arrived with activity in the ATP Cup where he served as the second singlist of the Argentine team: two victories (Aleksandre Metreveli and Michail Pervolarakis) and a defeatKamil Majchrzak).