“Jermall Charlo derrotaría a Canelo”, analiza Paul Malignaggi

Ex boxer Paulie malignaggi, who is now an analyst, assured that Jermall charlo is one of the fighters who can defeat Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.

The statements of Malignaggi they occur after the reporter Mike coppinger, from ESPN, reveal that there were negotiations to make a fight between Jermall charlo and the Canelo Alvarez.

“I love this fight. I have to be honest. I love this fight, “he said. Malignaggi in interview for Tha Boxing Voice. “That is something we have to wake up to. I have to say that Jermall charlo He’s one of the guys that I can see beating the Canelo“.

Malignaggi ensures that Jermall Y Demetrius Andrade they were the two fighters that he thought could beat the Mexican.

“I’ve been saying that Jermall Y Andrade“, he pointed Malignaggi. “But now I think Andrade is down in his level and is no longer so much of a threat to him. Canelo like before. But Jermall yes it is a great threat, and I think Jermall would defeat Canelo. Now the fight is going to happen. You know what? Great, great recognition for Canelo for doing the battle, because this is the type that I chose to beat him ”.

Malignaggi made it clear that yes Saul coming out ahead of this battle will add many more credits to his successful career.

“I’m going to give Canelo even greater recognition if you beat Jermall, because I chose Jermall to beat Canelo and I have to stick with my original prediction, “he explained. Malignaggi. “I can’t take it back,” he argued.

The reasons why Charlo can defeat Canelo, according to Malignaggi

Malignaggi The express question of what is special about it Jermall charlo to be able to beat the Mexican champion was blunt.

“It’s super, super sharp,” he added, “When Jermall He’s on, he’s super, super sharp on his boxing. Hit back, he has power. He is a good fighter. I’m excited. This is crazy. I’m still processing this fight. You better not come up with any shit about contracting Covid-19 and postpone this fight. “

Similarly, he assured that one of the venues could be Texas, since both have a lot of fans in that state.

“This fight better happen,” asks the former world champion. “I don’t want anything to get in the way now. I don’t want anything to get in the way. This fight has to happen. This is an important announcement. It has to be a Texas fight because Jermall He is from Texas and Canelo it also sells well in Texas. “

Did Charlo’s promoter put more money on the table to fight Canelo?

Malignaggi He assured that if the fight between Charlo Y Canelo it will be due in a lot to the money that the promoter put on the table Al haymon. That would have caused Canelo forget about the fight with Ilunga Makabu in cruiser weight.

Al haymon he had to come in and put in big dollars, “he explained Malignaggi. “It had to have been. Canelo mentioned at the convention of CMB that I was going to fight Makabu. How miserable you must feel Makabu. He lost a big pay. Makabu went from fighting with Canelo for all the marbles to fight on a non-televised card against a mandatory ”.