'Jimmy Garoppolo, what have you done for me lately?': Instant Replay

It may seem contradictory, but Jimmy Garoppolo should be reassured by the criticism he is subjected to and which does not stop despite winning important games, such as the one he guided the comeback with which the San Francisco 49ers won the last playoff berth in the NFC.

An inconsequential player is rarely the target of such incisive criticism as Garoppolo.

While “Jimmy G” is far from being an elite quarterback, he’s not the worst either. His durability may be questioned after only playing a full season in his five years in San Francisco, but if something Garoppolo has done when healthy and at key moments is to step up to get the 49ers forward.

However, with the 49ers quarterback, the question from his critics is, ‘What have you done for me lately?’ The memory of fans is short and sometimes even non-existent.

When they launch their criticisms, several forget, or conveniently allege insanity that in 2016, when Tom Brady was serving a six-game suspension for the infamous “Deflategate,” Garoppolo won both games he started as a starter, victories that helped the New England. Patriots to win the first seed in the AFC en route to winning the Super Bowl.

In 2019, when he was healthy all season, Garoppolo helped San Francisco get to the Super Bowl and last Sunday, in a game in which the 49ers had to win to go to the postseason, the No. 10 rallied from two interceptions. To overcome an adverse score of 17-0, he threw a touchdown pass in the last seconds of the fourth period to tie the scoreboard and led his offense to score the field goal with which the Gambusinos, as visitors, beat 27-24 to the Los Angeles Rams to earn their playoff berth.

In the series in which the 49ers tied the score 24-24, Garoppolo stood firm in the bag of protection against the strong pressure of the Rams and found his receivers, who, once with the ball in their hands, took advantage of his skill and spaces to gain more yards.

With 35 seconds left at regular time, inside the bag, Garoppolo finds Jauan Jennings unmarked in midfield for the touchdown that forced overtime, where the No. 10 hit the passes needed to put Robbie Gould on. position to win the game with your field goal.

Garoppolo responded when the 49ers needed him most, but the critics were not silent and preferred to continue with the accusations on social networks for the interceptions that the passer suffered in the game to prove that they are right in pointing out that he is a bad quarterback, even fans of the 49ers and some of them even say they can’t wait for a better quarterback.

That quarterback they long for may be on the bench, Trey Lance, but it is valid to say that, under the pressure of the moment for what was at stake for San Francisco, Lance would not have taken the team out after what he showed in his first season in the NFL, which included two starts with Garoppolo injured.

Coach Kyle Shanahan is correct in pointing out that Garoppolo currently gives the 49ers the best chance of winning.

Not a few 49ers fans insist the team would be better off without Garoppolo.

Be careful what you wish for, because it can come true for you. It’s easier to find quarterbacks who collapse at key moments like Carson Wentz in Jacksonville or the spectacular but inefficient passing yards producer Kirk Cousins, to name a few.

The quarterback market is limited and Garoppolo has proven to be above average so far. Ultimately, he’s the only quarterback the 49ers have made the playoffs with in the last eight years.