Stephen Espinoza, boss Showtime sports, assured that many people believed retired to Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez when he himself fought for DAZN.

With a gesture of surprise, Espinoza commented on what some fans muttered when Saul Alvarez fought with transmission of DAZN.

“On the way, I heard something that is going to sound strange,” the businessman told PBC Podcast. “It is something strange for the boxing fanatic, but there were comments among Mexican and Mexican-American fans, but not from boxing fans, the usual ones.”

“Those who show up for the big fights, for those on Mexican Independence Day, said offensive things. Those who watch boxing evenings a couple of times a year, they wondered what happened to Canelo, and if he had retired for a couple of years, “he continued.

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez made great presentations, like his last show before Caleb Plant.

Canelo triumphed in DAZN, but many lost footing

For several Mexican fans, DAZN It was not the most comfortable option to observe the fights of Saul Alvarez, at least according to Stephen Espinoza.

“Canelo was no longer part of the mainstream, as all his major events should have been,” he explained. Espinoza. “His star power is as strong as ever. It just wasn’t getting the push from conventional marketing. It wasn’t in the mainstream media ”.

“It felt good. It generated the kind of attention, the door, the pay-per-view payments that I should have gotten all this time. He certainly didn’t lose anything during that time. With our credibility and experience, we were able to take their mega events to where they needed to be, ”he said.

In addition, the leader of Showtime He referred to the importance of the return of Alvarez to the most prevalent broadcasts of boxing.

“I think it was important for this sport,” he said. “It was obviously important to Showtime. He allowed us and allows us to continue with the business that we started with him, back in 2013 and 2014. He also raised his events to the place where they belonged ”.