Boca Juniors hopes to close the return of Darío Benedetto this week

The return of Darío Benedetto to Boca Juniors seems closer and closer, what’s more, at the xeneize club they trust they can make it happen this week.

Augustus Caesar confirmed in ESPN Soccer 12 that the negotiations are going well and that, for the first time, from the Football Council they are encouraged to set the next few days as a deadline for the possible arrival of Pipa.

Boca will have to move several pieces to recover the scorer, but the first step, which is the player’s consent, is there. Elche, where he is on loan and is also part owner, will not put obstacles.

Marseille, owner of the striker’s pass but does not take it into account, is willing to get rid of his high contract and, what was originally going to be on loan, now Xeneize is looking to make it a purchase. To raise the money, Boca will have to make a significant effort and chain different operations.

the chronicler of Football 12 detailed that The transfer of Lisandro López to Tijuana should be closed. As well as the sale of 50 percent of Walter Bou to Defense and Justice for a figure that would be around 1.5 million. In addition, he would make use of a debt of some two million that Elche maintains for the purchase of Iván Marcone.

After all that, it would be necessary to agree on the contract, which would be for two or three years, and the salary in which Benedetto would resign a lot, which makes clear his desire to play for Boca again.

Darío Benedetto played for Boca between 2017 and 2019, scoring 45 goals in 76 games and winning two national titles.