Canelo aprendió de Mayweather a elegir rivales fáciles, asegura Keith Thurman

Keith Thurman think that Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez yes he has chosen easy rivals or by way, but that he learned from Floyd mayweather, and that the Mexican has earned that right.

“Yes, I can give you a triple yes, but what’s wrong with it?” Thurman in interview with FightHub to express question about whether you have chosen easy rivals, or by way. “Is Canelo, people adore him, he has a huge following, he has generated a lot of emotions. Yes you could say that (Canelo) has chosen easy rivals a little, but he learned it from the best, Floyd (Mayweather) beat him. Now he’s starting to make money like floyd”.

Thurman acknowledges that instead of going for a cruiserweight fight against Ilunga Makabu, the Canelo He has other more complicated challenges in his own division, but he has no obligation to go for those challenges.

“Are there other bigger challengers for Canelo? Definitely yes,” he said. Thurman. “Are there fights that I would really like to see? Definitely yes. Are there also super talented individuals who could give you trouble? Definitely yes. Are you required to do any of those things? Absolutely not”.

At the end, Keith Thurman points out that the Canelo You are at a point in your career where you are only going to take on the challenges that really excite you.

“Whatever he wants to do, whatever he likes to do, and whatever makes him get out of bed, get excited, and elevate himself or his career, that’s what he’s going to do.” Thurman.