Planet shaped like a football discovered

The exoplanet was baptized with the name of WASP-103b by the European Space Agency, and is located in the constellation of Hercules

The European Space Agency announced the discovery of a exoplanet which is shaped like an American football or rugby ball. It is the first time in history that an exoplanet with this type of shape has been found.

Through its official Twitter account, the THAT, for its acronym in English, shared the images of the exoplanet named “WASP-103b“. The mission “Cheops” was responsible for finding the curious planet.

THAT has discovered an exoplanet orbiting its host star within a day has a warped shape more like a rugby ball than a sphere. The planet, known as WASP-103b, is located in the constellation of Hercules. It has been warped by the strong tidal forces between the planet and its host star. WASP-103, which is about 200 degrees hotter and 1.7 times larger than the Sun,” reported the European Space Agency on your website.

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