The WTA ensures that Renata Voracova did "nothing wrong" to be deported

The WTA assured that the Czech doubles player Renata Voracova, who was arrested and deported, in conditions similar to those of Novak Djokovic, “did not do anything wrong” and that he followed all the rules.

The Czech tennis player was splashed by the Djokovic scandal, despite the fact that she was already in Australia and had crossed the border. Hours after being told that he had to leave the country, Voracova announced her withdrawal from the tournament and left Australia, although now, given Djokovic’s victory, she plans to denounce the authorities for the damage caused.

“There have been several athletes who have gone through the process to receive a medical exemption to enter the country and it was approved. Renata Voracova followed these rules and procedures and was allowed to enter the country and compete. canceled his visa even though he had done nothing wrong,” the WTA said in a statement.

“We will continue working with the authorities to find out all the details and act appropriately,” he added.