george foreman defended Bob Arum of the accusations of racism that he made Terence Crawford through a million dollar lawsuit filed by the fighter against Arum and your company TopRank.

with all sincerity, george Foreman defended Bob Arum in interview with Kevin Iole from yahoo sports. told him how it is Arum personally, their principles, values ​​and also some mistakes.

He is not a saint, but Bob Arum He is one of the best men I know,” he said. Big George. “You could call me to talk about 25 other guys, or 30, and ask me that same question. I wouldn’t answer you. This is not bad people. He has a passion for his fellow man.”

What’s more, george foreman recounted the support he received from Bob Arum, when he managed to become world champion again at 45 years of age. A moment you will never forget.

“He gave me the most passionate of hugs. He said: ‘Praise the Lord, george!’, and he smiled at me with emotion”, he recalled. Foreman. “It’s wrong for someone to accuse a guy like that of racism. You know how these things are. All’s fair in love and war.”

The accusations of Terence Crawford from which George Foreman defended Bob Arum

In a millionaire lawsuit that Terence Crawford filed against Bob Arum Y top rank, the fighter assures that there is a climate of “systemic racism” in the company.

“It is clear that top rank and especially ArumThey judge people based on their race,” he says. “The story of Arum with fighters of color, especially black fighters, and his preference for whites and Latinos is well documented and known throughout the boxing world.”