Colts GM says nothing about Carson Wentz

Wentz failed to lead Indianapolis to the postseason after two terrible final games

INDIANAPOLIS — Colts general manager Chris Ballard, does not commit entirely with Carson Wentz as starting quarterback for the 2022 season.

Ballard made those comments during his season-ending news conference just days after the Colts failed to make the playoffs and Wentz gave two of his worst performances at the end of the season. Ballard’s comments are noteworthy considering the Colts gave up first- and third-round picks in the upcoming draft to acquire Wentz from the Philadelphia Eagles last offseason.

“When we made the decision, after Philip [Rivers] retired and we made the decision to make a move on Carson, at that point we felt good about it and I still have no regrets about the decision,” he explained Thursday. “Sitting here today, just so you know, I will not comment on who will be here next year and who will not be here. That’s not fair to any player.”

When they acquired Wentz, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 draft, the Colts hoped to stop the constant quarterback changes since Andrew Luck retired in August 2019. Wentz replaced Rivers, who replaced Jacoby Brissett after the 2019 season.

“I’d like to stop using Band-Aids,” Ballard illustrated. “I would like Carson to be the long-term answer or to find someone who is here for the next 10 to 12 years. Sometimes it doesn’t work that way. I can dream about it, wish for it, do everything I can to find the solution.” , but you do the best with what you can do at the moment.”

The goal was for head coach Frank Reich to get Wentz back to playing the way he did when the two were together in Philadelphia. when Reich was the quarterback’s offensive coordinator in 2017.

There was some good from Wentz this season, but the bad, unfortunately for the Colts, outweighed it. It was clear they were a run-first team with running back Jonathan Taylor, who led the NFL in rushing, but they also hoped Wentz could make plays when teams packed the box to stop the running game. That didn’t always happen.

Wentz completed 59% of his passes, threw just two touchdown passes and had two turnovers in the last two games of the season. regular when the Colts only needed to win one to get into the playoffs. Wentz, who continued to take risks, threw for at least 200 yards in just two of the last eight games of the season. In the upset loss to the Jaguars late in the season, Wentz posted a career-low 4.4 total QBR.

“Carson wants to win. He has the will to win. Sometimes when you carry the burden of thinking you have to make a big play all the time, sometimes he lets the team help you,” Ballard said.

The Colts have some centerpieces on the roster along with Taylor, linebacker Darius Leonard and most of the offensive line. But the chance of making the postseason will remain slim until they figure out who the answer is at quarterback.

“At the end of the day, I think we’ve got a lot of really good players and really good pieces,” Ballard agreed. “You have to get stability at quarterback. That position has to harness its potential to help the team win. I don’t blame Carson for all of this. I don’t because everyone else has to do their job too.”

“But the hyper-importance of that position is real. You have to have consistency there. The years we’ve gotten it have been pretty good and we thought we had it until the end of the season. Something we have to work on.”