Floyd Mayweather se fue de fiesta con Madonna, Kanye West y Antonio Brown

former boxer Floyd Mayweather He continues to enjoy his fame and this time he went to a party with none other than the queen of pop, madonna, the rapper kanye-west, the actress Julie Fox and the NFL player Anthony Brown.

the bodyguard of Money, Ray Sadeghi, shared clips of the star-studded reunion on his Instagram, where it looks like everyone had a great time.

The reason for the party is not known for sure, but the video shows both Mayweather madonna, kanye-west Y Anthony Brown listening to the song “Come Thru” by Drake, which belongs to the rapper’s 2013 album.

Floyd is sitting in an armchair and during the party has from one side to madonna with whom he talks for several seconds, while on his right he accompanies him Brown, while enjoying the evening with other people, where alcoholic beverages are not noticed.

Mayweather would return to the ring this 2022, but before he took advantage of the party with Madonna

Mayweather It seems that he will get back into the ring in an exhibition fight, since a confrontation against the youtuber is cooking ‘money kicks’ for next February 20 at the heliport of the Burj Al Arab hotel, in Dubai.

“The team of Mayweather He asked my team for a meeting. We thought: ‘This can’t possibly happen.’ The very day of the meeting I saw Mayweather saying, ‘I would love to fight Rashed.’ It’s serious,” he advanced in an interview with Sky Sports the youtuber

“I’m taller than him, you never know. Any blow can hit it, and I have heavy hands. Mayweather it’s too fast. I need to be around and go crazy with him!” he explained. “I grew up with lions, I’m not afraid of any human being. I will never fear any human.”