The Australian Open reduces its capacity by 50% due to a new wave of infections

The Victorian government decided to reduce the capacity for the Australian Open by 50%, which will start this Monday as a result of the growing wave of infections. The new measure will be applied only for those days in which the 50% limit has not yet been exceeded.

The state of Victoria, whose capital is Melbourne, registered this Thursday 37,169 new cases, 25 deaths and 953 hospital admissions related to the new wave of Covid-19 infections. “Ventilation will be improved in the interior enclosures of Melbourne Park,” detailed the statement published by the state government.

“These developments for the Australian Open mean that fans, players and staff can look forward to an incredible event in terms of measures against Covid-19,” said Acting Tourism Minister Jaala Pulford.

It will therefore be the second consecutive year that the Australian ‘major’ reduces its capacity as a result of the pandemic.