Mark Tibbs y Billy Joe Saunders

Mark Tibbs, former coach of Billy Joe Saunders, criticized the British boxer and assured that he could go further if he had worked harder as a professional, after they separated after the defeat with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

“Totally, sure,” he replied in an interview with Social Boxing when they questioned him about whether he could become better. “A great person to train. It just could have been better, it could have done it.”

In the first part of the race saunders, the father of Tibbs He was the one who trained him.

Although the former British champion also changed coach, he later returned with Mark, with whom he prepared for the unification contest against Cinnamon on May 8, 2021.

“Looking back, I’m not saying this as a fact, but I’m sure he cut corners by coming out with what was in front of him, because it’s good,” he said. “But all those shortcuts, over a period of time, I think, all those shortcuts add up. It’s frustrating. He is very talented”.

Since his confrontation with Cinnamon, Billy Joe He has not returned to the ring. On that occasion he suffered a fracture in his left cheekbone, caused by a right uppercut from the Mexican.

The English boxer said that they would have to offer him a good deal to fight again, since his future is assured and he does not want to suffer another injury that will jeopardize his career again.

Criticism of former Billy Joe Saunders coach tells anecdote

Mark Tibbs assured that Billy Joe was a very talented boxer who was put up against bigger rivals in the gym.

“It was very, very good,” he said. “Could be better. He was a good person to be around, he’s fun, but he had weight issues. I think when he turned pro he was able to fight at light heavyweight.”

“My dad used to have him spar with boxers of any size,” he recalled. Mark. “They couldn’t touch it. Big cruiser weights. They couldn’t touch it. It was very good”.