Así pagó la apuesta Terrible Morales

Erik “Terrible” Morales fulfilled the bet he made with Mark Anthony Barrera and shaved off, after the Atlas Mexican soccer champion will be crowned on December 12, 2021.

“For some external reasons I have not been able to be in Guadalajara to record, but I need to pay them now, ”the Tijuana native shared in a video shared by the podcast One More Round. “It’s number two, how we stayed.”

The terrible He mentioned that it was not zero due to the weather conditions where he was at the time and he did not want to be cold.

“We agreed that we weren’t bald, because I knew that if I lost my haircut it would be very cold here,” he mentioned. “We are at minus two or minus three and then during the day at seven or nine, it was very difficult to be bald bald”.

During the video, Morales He said that it is the first time in his life that he changes his look to be almost without any hair.

“It is the first time that I am almost bald, never in my life have I cut my hair more than normal, but I send a greeting to my friends who were bald,” he commented.

The defeat of Terrible came after Atlas was imposed on penalties Lion and thus put an end to a streak of 70 years without a league title.

Nowadays Terrible is in camp for the next fight Jaime Munguia next February 19 in Tijuana.

The bet between Terrible Morales and Marco Barrera

Last December 9, Barrier (fan of Atlas) Y Morales (fan of Xolos from Tijuana) bet and Terrible clarified his reasons for going with him Lion, despite not being a fan of the club.

“I’m going to Xolos, I want to clarify it from now on, but if the people of Tijuana Allow me, this time I will go to the Fierce, honoring my father, who was from Guanajuato“, he pointed.