Por qué demandó Terence Crawford a Top Rank

The World Boxing Organization welterweight champion began a legal battle against the boxing promoter Bob Arum, why? In this text we explain Why did Terence Crawford sue Top Rank? and the consequences of the dispute.

Here at Izquierdazo we tell you the reasons. Crawford started one of the biggest lawsuits in the history of the sport. The accusation is serious. Arum, through his company, stands to lose heavily if he is found guilty of harming the boxer’s career.

Why did Terence Crawford sue Top Rank?

The boxer accuses that the “disgusting racial bias” of Bob Arum It kept him from having big fights and making millions of dollars. The official documents were presented at the offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

Photo: TopRank

In 2011, the boxer signed a contract with the promoter and his company. In the complaint, he alleges that the aforementioned does not care about his career, does not support or know how to promote those of the black race. He claims it didn’t make him a pay-per-view star.

Crawford separated from Arum in a press conference held in November 2021. At that time he argued that he was becoming a free agent to get the fight of his dreams against Errol Spence Jr..

The lawsuit filed in the Court of the Eighth Judicial District, in Nevada, indicates the following:

“Crawford highlights the systemic racism that runs through Top Rank, the complete failure to properly promote black wrestlers on the part of Arum and [su hijastro]. Also Todd DuBoeuf’s disparate treatment of black wrestlers, including Crawford.”

“Arum clearly allows his disgusting racial bias to affect the fighters he is obligated to promote.”

How much money is Bob Arum suing for?

Terence hired the lawyer Bryan Freeman and sued top rank for the amount of 10 million dollars. The document presents evidence, such as Arum’s taunts when contacted by The Post.

The documents allege: “For years, professional boxers and others in the sports world have criticized Top Rank owner Bob Arum for his disparate treatment of black boxers, including those same black boxers that Top Rank has the contractual obligation to promote.

Crawford demands a jury trial where damages are decided. While the promoter said he lost $20 million promoting Terence.


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