Dak Prescott enjoys the return to the Playoffs with Cowboys, but seriously against the 49ers

DALLAS — Dak Prescott enjoys the experience of being back in the Playoffs with the Dallas Cowboys for the first time since 2018, but lives the moment with the seriousness and pressure that comes with facing the San Francisco 49ers, a rival he considers complicated in all aspects. .

Prescott also said he was aware that a very large portion of the more than 90,000 fans expected at AT&T Stadium this Sunday will demand that the Cowboys live up to the very high expectations generated before the start of the season.

“The ones who have had the highest expectations since we started working in April are ourselves,” Prescott said. “This is hardly the starting line. Our goal is still far away.”

The Lone Star team quarterback indicated that the pressure is normal for a team leader, a veteran who cares about his work in all aspects, but, in particular, because of his competitive spirit.

“I don’t know why people label the word pressure as something bad. It creates high expectations and high standards and usually creates good results,” Prescott said. “For me, it’s just about staying on the right path, preparing myself more than ever and trusting the people around me.

“You just have to trust the team. From those who send the plays, the teammates and going out to play this sport that, without a doubt, I love”.

For his part, coach Mike McCarthy said that Prescott had approached him earlier in the week to ask if he felt he had to prepare specifically to try to make a good, long postseason.

“I just told him that he had to do what he has always done and why we trust him: work and prepare in the same way. You have to follow your routines and treat this game as usual,” McCarthy said of his talk with the quarterback.

Prescott commented that he enters the postseason with more confidence than ever considering that the current one is the best Cowboys team in which he has played, despite the fact that in 2016, when he was a rookie, Dallas had the best record in the NFC. (13-3), but was eliminated in the Divisional Round.

In six seasons in the NFL, Prescott advanced to the playoffs for the third time. He has played three games, after in 2018, the Cowboys were also eliminated in the Divisional Round.

Nobody can blame Prescott for being the main reason the Cowboys were eliminated in their last two playoff visits. In five postseason games, he has thrown five touchdown passes, suffered two interceptions and for 302 passing yards in 2016 and 492 in 2018.

“We know it will be difficult, but we have a great opportunity in front of us, not only because of talent but because of the brotherhood, the relationships, because of the special bond between us. That will be the factor that we will take to the game and that can take us far, ”Prescott insisted.