Tyson Fury y Francis Ngannou

The heavyweight champion of the UFC, Francis Ngannou, revealed the possible date on which he wants to fight with Tyson Fury, monarch of WBC.

I don’t know when I’ll fight Tyson, but I think it will be sometime in 2023,” he said. Ngannou, according to talkSPORT. “I still have a contract with the UFC So I don’t really know what will happen to my situation.”

Francis has a current contract with the company Dana White and in his next defense he will face Cyryl Gane on January 22, in the company’s first pay-per-view of the year.

Yes OK Ngannou knows the challenge that it means to face I win, in his head it is a totally different situation than the one he would face in a possible boxing match with Tyson Fury.

“I don’t think about facing someone like Cyryl Gane the same way i think about fury“, he pointed. “Of course I have confidence in myself, but it will be something totally different and a new experience. fury He has tested his endurance in long fights, but I am sure it would make him feel a lot of bombs that he has never experienced.”

The possible date for the fight between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou

Regarding how the fight would be, the Cameroonian said that at the moment he does not have the control to do it in the near future, but he keeps the hope lit to get to fight with the British boxer.

“I know it’s going to be very tough when we fight,” he said. “I come from another sport and I would also be testing myself against one of the best, if not the best of all time. I do not rule out that this fight will happen at some point. It’s definitely something I want to do, but if I’m honest it’s not something we can control in the near future.”

Even if fury has already openly challenged Ngannou In social networks, this year it is very difficult for the contest to take place. Tyson wants to return at the end of March and his mandatory rival of the WBC is Dillian Whyte.

But nevertheless, Dana White he has been very secretive about giving up his fighters to compete in boxing. The only one who allowed him to leave UFC to get into a boxing ring he went to conor mcgregor, who faced Floyd Mayweather.