Finito López habla del Pitbull Cruz y sus posibilidades contra los mejores pesos ligeros

the performance he had isaac cross in view of Gervonta Davis surprised champions and former world champions, one of them Ricardo “Finito” Lopez, which speaks of pitbull and his chances against the big names at lightweight, though nothing is written.

“I see it difficult (that he can beat the most outstanding 135-pounders)”, said the Finite Lopez in interview with LEFT PUNCH. “But in the box there is nothing written.”

After measuring with Gervonta Davis and endure the 12 rounds, the pitbull He asserted that he is to be measured against anyone in that weight, as Vasyl Lomachenko, Devin Haney, george cambosos, Ryan Garcia or any. Although the Finite Lopez He talks about how complicated it is for him pit bull cross can beat the best lightweights, he doesn’t see it as impossible either.

“There is the fight (with Gervonta), then you have to trust and you have to believe”, stressed the former world champion. “I see it as difficult, but in the ring things are different.”

Finito López talks about Pitbull Cruz and his need to improve technique

So that he can aspire to victory against any of them or to be world champion the pitbull It would have to improve in some aspects. Particularly his technique, because he boxes well, considered the Finite.

“You have to improve your technique,” he said. Richard. “The way to prepare, because he is an inside fighter, he is a brawler. But he also knows how to move his waist, and we already saw that he boxes well”.

Finally, he highlighted the quality of the Mexican and that he was surprised in his fight with Gervonta, for which he would deserve a rematch.

“What a good fight, for me it was surprising”, concluded the Finite. “I was surprised, I think he deserves a rematch. For those who believed that he was going to be knocked out, what a surprise. They did beat him, but I think he is a strong fighter, who always goes forward and it was complicated for him Gervonta”.