Voy a festejarlo chingón: El ídolo Rubén "Púas" Olivares cumple 75 años

Concerned about the situation in Mexico and the world and in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, but with ambitious plans, Ruben “Púas” Olivares He turns 75 this Friday.

The Olive groves, one of the greatest Mexican idols in boxing history is partying. He says he is satisfied with life and concerned about the current situation in the country, as he stated in a talk with LEFT PUNCH.

“I don’t know (if I’m going to have a party), but I think I’m going to celebrate it chingón”, says an enthusiastic Olive groves, grateful to God for allowing him to celebrate another year.

Púas Olivares, one of the greatest Mexican boxers in history

Considered the best bantamweight in all history, Ruben Olivares Avila He was born on January 14, 1947. A few days after turning 18, on January 4, 1965, he made his professional debut and there began one of the most successful careers of a Mexican boxer who became an idol, although he does not like that tell them

“They remember me because I fought, I did my thing above the ring”, mentions the spikes, who fondly remembers one of his great rivals.

“Uf, that was a bastard. Mutt“, remember olive groves about his rivalry with chucho castle, with whom he had three fights, one of the best trilogies in history.

olive groves He doesn’t lose his spark or his charisma, because when asked which fight he remembers the most, without hesitation he replies: “Last night, what a fight… here there is no lack with whom.”

He fought 105 times and finished his 23-year career with a record of 89-13-3, 79 by way of knockout. He was four times world champion, twice in bantamweight and twice in featherweight. He began his career with 61 wins and a draw, and it was in his 63rd fight when he met defeat, on October 16, 1970 against chucho castle.

“Olivares, one of the best I saw in my life,” says Lupe Pintor

Those numbers and the quality he showed in the ring were motivation for boxers who followed in his footsteps and later became world champions, such as Guadeloupe Painter. Without hesitation, he Cuajimalpa cricket ensures that the Olive groves it was his idol.

“For me, he is one of the best boxers I have ever seen,” he says. Painter. “He was also an inspiration for me, he was always my idol. Reuben”.

The race of Painter started in 1974, when the spikes He had already marveled at the bantamweight division and when he was an idol. He made a brilliant career only surpassed by what he did years later Julio Cesar Chavez.

“He was an idol, I think the ultimate idol after Chavez”, he asserts Painter. “He had a brilliant and distinguished career and the honor was earned in the ring. The truth has always been my idol, there is one better than him indisputably, Chavez, but for me he was an indisputable character”.

El Púas yearns for the boxing of the past

The Olive groves He nostalgically remembers those times when he shone, when boxing was different, without so many champions or so many divisions. He assures that boxing has always been a business. The change that the sport of fists has undergone is part of the same business.

“There is no more clinch, there is no more, they don’t even mention it, there is no fight anymore,” he mentions Ruben Olivares. “Well he told me Chilero Carrillo, ‘son, take care of boxing because it is ending, take care of it”.

He is asked if the current boxing is over and he immediately says no, but bursts out laughing.

He assures that at present there are many people involved in boxing, but they do not know about the sport. The boxers of today will never know what was suffered when he was an idol.

“Many people do not know about boxing, what is suffered and more before to give weight, there were no intermediate weights before, those slouch weights,” he says. olive groves. “Before getting on the scale, my coach always, which they don’t do now, put a clean handkerchief on the scale. And he told me ‘get on, son’. Then he would grab it by one end with two fingers and throw it in the trash. It was to protect the fighter, don’t get athlete’s foot, now they don’t. Now they give them water to rinse their mouths and they drink it, keeping the funnel there”

What does Rubén Olivares live on today?

The Mexican idol lives in the Bondojito neighborhood and, despite the Covid 19 pandemic, he is sometimes found in the Lagunilla neighborhood, where he sells some of his belongings. He assures that nobody gives him anything and he has to find a way to survive.

“Here we are in Bondojito, suddenly I am going (to Lagunilla), I have not gone because there is the plague (covid), and those that are missing,” comments the spikes. “I also go out, I go to work, and I’m moved because nobody gives me anything for free.”

On other occasions he stated that he wanted to make the book of his life. Now he has a series in mind, so he is looking for someone to do it, all this as part of the boxing business.

“We have to make the book of my life, the movie, now they call it the series of spikesuuuta, that one is going to be very pretty. People are going to like it, we’re working on it (who’s going to do it)”, he assures. “All of this is business, we are looking for someone who wants to do it. All the time it is business, all the time boxing has been business and even more so now”.

In February 2020, the United States ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, tweeted a photo of Rubén “Púas” Olivares in the La Lagunilla market.

Finito López agrees: Olivares is the second best Mexican in history

Another boxer who is considered among the best 10 in the history of Mexico is Ricardo “Finito” Lopez, who remembers with pleasure what was done in the ring by the spikes.

“It transcended and in what way,” said the Finite. “I see it too because he was with him. Whose (Arturo Hernandez), for everything he achieved, he was a fighter who was born for it, he prepared hard, he had in the Whose a guide”.

Victor Cota, historian of WBC, Y Eduardo Lamazon, commentator on Aztec Box, have at spikes on his list of historical Mexicans at number two. is alone behind Julio Cesar Chavez, Y Ricardo Lopez match.

“I think the same as Victor Cota, that the best rooster in the world that I have seen is Ruben Olivares“, He says Ricardo Lopez without hesitation.

And just as he respects and greets him with pleasure every time he meets him, he confesses that they also have fun with the anecdotes or comments of the legendary idol. Like when he talks about the Spiked Chicken.

“He makes us laugh when he talks about Chicken with Spikes,” says the Finite, about the peculiar recipe of Mr. Ruben Olivares. “They put all the alcohol in the chicken: cognac, pulque, rum, all the wines and in the end they boil it, throw the chicken away and drink it all.”

He turns 75, and Rubén “Púas” Olivares regrets the situation in Mexico

And just as in his glory days they asked him to take care of boxing, they also told him that Mexico was going to compose itself. He is encouraged to talk about the country in general and regrets the current situation.

“In my time they told me: it is going to be composed… which one is going to be composed? Mexicans, wake up please”, asks the spikes.

olive groves He assures that just by reading a little or watching the news he becomes aware of the situation in Mexico and the world.

“You have to help the people, the people are screwed,” says the legendary former boxer. “I don’t know what to go out on the street. I get on the subway, because I travel by subway, and I see a lot of people begging for alms, who want to eat and there isn’t any. I carry 50 pesos in change and they run out fast. Here I live, in this country I live, what horror”.

The spikes laments the situation in the country, invites you to read the Bible, particularly the Apocalypse. Meanwhile, he waits for a business that gives him economic stability or a juicy profit from the sale of the book of his life or the series of the spikes.

The idol Ruben “Púas” Olivares he is partying and turning 75, in good health and waiting for his celebration to be, as he himself said, chingón.