Hija de Muhammad Ali defiende a Bob Arum tras demanda de Crawford por racismo

Rasheda Ali, daughter of the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, defends the promoter Bob Arum, after the boxer Terence Crawford will sue him for racism, and he wrote a clear message for the boss of top rank.

Bob Arum supported my father when the world was against him. Bob and my father are a big reason black and brown athletes are fairly compensated today. proud that my son Nico Ali Walsh be part of Team Top Rank“, the daughter of the legend tweeted.

She is the daughter of the second wife of Muhammad, Belinda Boyd, now called Khalilah Camacho Ali. And since she was little she has been linked to the promoter, first by her father and now that her son debuted in professional boxing with top rank.

Muhammad Ali’s daughter happy for her son’s debut with Bob Arum and Top Rank

the grandson of Muhammad Ali debuted in professional boxing with Bob Arum Y top rank in August 2021, and he did it in a big way by earning a first-round TKO victory.

Nico Ali Walsh, son of Rasheda, beat Jordan Weeks at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Oklahoma in a fight that ended 1:49 seconds into the first round.

The 21-year-old wore a pair of shorts that Rasedha Ali Walsh assured that they were originally made for his grandfather.

“It’s been an emotional journey, this whole journey,” he said. ali walsh after the fight. “Obviously, my grandfather, I’ve been thinking about him a lot. I miss him.”, said after the fight the daughter of Muhammad Ali.