Roy Jones da consejos a Canelo sobre cómo subir divisiones: “Los peleadores especiales hacen cosas especiales”

Roy Jones sent some advice to Saul “Canelo” Alvarez so that he can move up in divisions, since for him the Mexican boxer is special.

“The kind of boxer that (Alvarez) is, has the ability to do it,” he said. Roy Jones in interview for Inside Boxing Live from CompuBox TV. “I wouldn’t recommend everyone to do that. But sometimes there are guys who come in who are special. Special fighters can do special things.”

jones He was champion in middleweight, super middleweight and light heavyweight, when in 2003 he made the jump to heavyweight, to be crowned world champion of the WBA defeating by unanimous decision John Ruiz. Roy He assured that he admires the goals he has Cinnamon to move up in weight and get more titles than he already has in his boxing career.

“I set the bar high, and I set it even higher. That means that now the fighters have something else to achieve, “said Jones. “If you are dominant, dominate from the bottom up. Don’t just dominate where you are, dominate all the way to the top, to show that you really are dominant. Dominate division after division after division. That shows that you are not only dominant in your weight class, but that you are dominant in the sport. I dominated the sport.”

It should be remembered, that jones He is the only boxer in history to start his career as a super welterweight (154 pounds) and win a heavyweight title.

Roy Jones gives Canelo advice on the dangers of moving up and down divisions

Similarly, Roy Jones offered advice to Cinnamon being very careful about losing weight too quickly, and recommended a more incremental approach.

“It depends on how much muscle you gain (Cinnamon)”, he explained. Roy Jones. “Don’t go back to (168 pounds), especially if you go up to 200 (pounds). Now, if you go to 190, you could go back to 168. But if you go up to 200, forget about 168 for a while. Then go back to 175, maybe, and then give your body two years, or a year, give or take, to rest from that weight loss. Then you come back (at 168 pounds) and fight.”