El Museo de los hermanos Klitschko, una joya histórica en Kiev

On June 1, 2014, in Kiev, Ukraine, at the legendary NSC “Olympiyskiy” stadium, home of the Kiev Dynamo football club, a museum was opened with a unique exhibition of the achievements of the Ukrainian brothers in their boxing career. wladimir Y Vitaly Klitschko.

The brothers, who dominated the world boxing heavyweight scene in the first 15 years of the 21st century, are prodigal sons from Ukraine. Even the older brother, Vitaly, is mayor of Kiev, the Ukrainian capital.

The project has a social mission to stimulate the desire of young people to lead healthy lifestyles and strengthen the national spirit. Therefore, children under 12 years of age enter the enclosure free of charge.

The Brothers Museum Klitschko It has multimedia shows, which were in charge of German experts, who designed the famous “Museum of Soccer” in Sao Paulo (Brazil).

What’s in the Klitschko Brothers Museum?

The tour of Klitschko Brothers Museum consists of two parts; the first is a multimedia show that lasts 30 minutes, where you can experience the brightest moments in the lives of the brothers.

A documentary produced by the Ukrainian director is broadcast here Sergei Dolbilov, who made more than 20 documentaries about the brothers Klitschko.

In the second segment there is an exhibition where you can see various historical objects in the life of the Klitschko, from gloves, robes with which they went out to a special fight, to trophies and belts that they achieved throughout their career in the ring.

Even a part of a ring, with photos and some gloves is in the enclosure, where visitors can admire them.

People will experience the atmosphere of sportsmanship and relive the best moments of the career of the legendary Ukrainian champions.