Las 10 mejores películas de boxeo

In this text you can see top 10 boxing movies, from Rocky until raging bull. You can enjoy them in a weekend and you will surely end up wanting to train box.

Boxing, in addition to being a sport, has been the inspiration for various stories in literature, television, and of course the cinema, where various films have been screened with boxing as the main theme. The English newspaper The Telegraph published a list of the 10 best boxing movies, which we share in this space for our readers.

top 10 boxing movies

1. Raging Bull

In 1980, Martin Scorsese made this masterpiece that not only talks about boxing, but also captures the anger, mistrust and lack of control of a fighter before the environment. This film tells the story of Jake LaMotta, and for many, it is also the best sports movie in history, starring Robert De Niro, Raging Bull shows masculinity and the unleashed fury of a man, as well as the fears that he himself may have.

2.Rocky I

Without a doubt, this film is a benchmark for sports cinema and, of course, for boxing. Unlike Raging Bull, which is a darker film, this is a story that tells the story of the path to success, from the lowest strata to achieving everything. Sylvester Stallone consolidated himself with Rocky, as one of the iconic boxing actors, which even led him to host the reality show ‘The Contender’ and be part of the boxing industry.

3. When We Were Kings

This 1974 documentary, with Muhammad Ali as the main figure, unfolds in the situation of Africa, that of black nationalism, culture and Ali’s unique status as a referent of society and the black race. Part of the social tension and what a boxing match represents, the before; full of talk, lights and cameras, the during; that small period of time in which nothing matters more than the rival, and what surrounds the sporting spectacle, as well as its impact on people.

4. Strikes of Fate (Million Dollar Baby)

Directed by and starring Clint Eastwood, in addition to Morgan Freeman and Hillary Swank, ‘Million Dollar Baby’ or in Spanish ‘Golpes del Destino’, is a film that moves the most sensitive fibers of who appears to be an unfriendly coach. The dreams of a girl and the memory of who works as her coach, go hand in hand to success, unmissable.

5. Fat City (Golden City)

Directed in 1972 by John Huston, and starring Stacy Keach and Jeff Bridges, it tells the story of a frustrated former boxer who meets a young man with the dream of being a boxing champion, whom he introduces to his former manager, another man who was unsuccessful in his past within the industry. This film captures the ‘paradise on earth’ experienced by boxers and their trainers, defeated but not losers, a moving film frame by frame. It sounds depressing, but it’s a great movie.

6. Ali

In 2001, this film was made starring Will Smith, which fulfills two functions at the same time, since in addition to taking a look at the America of the 60s and the movement in defense of civil rights, it portrays the career of a character who defended said movement like no one else, Muhammad Ali.

7. The Fighter

Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale star in this story that moves and captivates, as well as makes you think. It is also a true story, that of Mickey Ward, and his brother and trainer Dicky, seeking success with their mother as manager, in a film that represents the customs of an ordinary family in the United States of the 70’s. A family story with boxing as the common thread of all the problems and situations in which the characters find themselves immersed.

8.Rocky IV

The fourth installment of the Rocky saga is simply epic, since the confrontation between Rocky and the Russian Iván Drago is one of the most symbolic of the Rocky movies and, of course, of boxing films. Many people find in this rivalry a resemblance to what is known as the Cold War, which was the period of tension between the United States and the USSR from 1945 until the fall of the Berlin Wall, which was not only a political confrontation, but social, economic and even sports.

9. Somebody Up There Likes Me

This 1956 film is about Rocky Graziano. The film would star James Dean but death got in the way, and Paul Newman arrived for the main role. A criminal who is arrested, and who in jail has several problems due to indiscipline. When he leaves, he tries to change and decides to be part of the army, but his behavior does not help him at all, that is when he discovers boxing, and he discovers himself as a great bastion of this sport.

10. Cinderella Man

James J. Braddock -also known as “Cinderella Man”- who became one of the most surprising and exemplary legends in the history of sports, a story that you cannot miss, about a man who in the midst of the ‘Great Depression ‘ North American, emerged to show the world what he is capable of when a second opportunity arises for both him and his family.


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