Charros defeats Tomateros and opens the LMP Final Series with a victory in 12 innings

GUADALAJARA — The Charros de Jalisco defeated the Tomateros de Culiacán at dawn this Saturday by 2-1 in 12 innings and took advantage at the start of the Final Series of the Mexican Pacific League.

In chapter 12, the Charros broke the tie with a single by Esteban Quiroz, who reached third base with a hit by pinch-hitter Missael Rivera and scored on a sacrifice fly by Japhet Amador.

In their stadium, the Charros took advantage in the first inning by combining a double by José Aguilar and an RBI single by Amador, after which the two teams had numerous offensive opportunities and wasted them.

Left-handed Orlando Lara, starting pitcher for the Jalisco team, dominated; in 5 1/3 innings he allowed three hits with five strikeouts, but when he left the mound, the Tomateros rebelled.

In the seventh act Stevie Wilkerson hit a single, advanced to second base on a bunt by Alexis Wilson, reached third on a grounder by Emmanuel Ávila and scored on a hit by José Guadalupe Chávez that tied the game.

The final will continue this Saturday with the duel of pitchers between American Nick Struck, for the Tomateros, and Javier Solano, for the Charros.

The winner of the League will represent Mexico in the Caribbean Series based in the Dominican Republic, from January 28 to February 3 next.