Pro D2: in a duel packed with Argentines, Vannes went further and won against Grenoble

On Thursday began to dispute the date 17 of Pro D2 with the defeat of Narbonne, team where he plays manuel square, in view of Agen 26-24. Then, and to close the day, Nevers took the match vs. Stade Montois by 27-6.

The remaining matches were played throughout Friday. First of all, Bayonne, where Mariano Galarza was a starter, easily surpassed aurillacois by 31-6. Grenoble – Vannes It was a dispute that had many Argentines on the court: while the brothers Felipe and Bautista Ezcurra they wore the local jersey, Francisco Gorrissen and Rodrigo Bruni they did the same for the visit, which was the winner 25-10.

Colomiers-Rouen it had a close development but it finally went to the host, who won 32-29. If we talk about games played, German Kessler Y Frederick Wegrzyn were part of the initial XV of provence, which tied at 24 with Bressan.

Finally, Oyonnax brought out his good rugby and won 32-13 against Carcassonne as a visitor to continue at the top of the championship. Notably Beziers-Montauban was rescheduled for Thursday, February 3.