Seba Sosa: his continuity in Independiente, his non-arrival in Peñarol and his reservation to the Uruguayan National Team

Sebastián Sosa spoke this Friday about his continuity in Independiente, he told the reason why the negotiations with Peñarol did not advance and revealed why he thought that Diego Alonso could not take him into account in the Uruguayan National Team. In ‘Let’s go let’s go’ (Radio Uruguay), the goalkeeper also said that Fernando Muslera called to congratulate him.

The 35-year-old goalkeeper commented that he is already in Argentina waiting to confirm his departure from Mazatlan in Mexico to officially announce that he will continue in Rojo de Avellaneda.

“A talk I had with the coach (Eduardo Domínguez) and with Rolfi Montenegro was important, who showed interest in having me, stating that I was an important part of the team and the squad. Between both conversations we were convinced, my representative is looking to undo the link with the Mexican cast, “said the Uruguayan.}

Sosa highlighted the good performance that he has been able to have in Argentine soccer, which he first arrived in 2011 signing for Boca Juniors: “There have been many years in Argentine soccer playing and achieving important things. It is a country that has received us in a good way, has treated us like at home, and on top of that is the proximity to Uruguay, one puts all these things in the balance to make a decision”.

“In Rosario Central (2016) we lacked to win a title, losing the final of the Argentine Cup with River. In Boca (2011-2012) and in Vélez (2012-2015) we were able to become champions, with Independiente we stayed in the semifinals of the 2021 League Cup, but now we may possibly have a rematch so let’s go for that, he has been arming himself well with a winning coach like Domínguez; Let’s hope we are a competitive team and that we live up to what this institution intends “, he underlined.

Sosa also expressed what he came to speak with Ignacio Ruglio, president of Peñarol: “We have been talking for a long time, it was always on the table that as long as Kevin Dawson was in the Peñarol goal, my arrival would not be possible because he he has earned a place, he has done things well and he has well deserved the place and the space he has. This is how Nacho told me: that while Kevin is here, it would be difficult for me to join.

The goalkeeper trained in Peñarol, winner of the 2009-2010 Uruguayan Championship and reaching the final of the 2011 CONMEBOL Libertadores Cup, stated: “Now I spoke with Peñarol again because it was possible for Kevin to leave, but at the moment it has not materialized, that is why one has also made certain decisions because with the issue of the National Team one cannot continue waiting, that is why it was delayed and it will be for later when all the conditions are in place to return to the Peñarol goal, which I feel is like my home”.

And he added about a future comeback: “It’s something I’ve been wanting for a while. For now it has not happened, when it is Kevin’s turn to emigrate, perhaps that little door that one is also waiting for can be opened. The people of Peñarol on the street and on the networks have expressed their love and desire to see me again at the club, and they and I were excited about that return, but Dawson had to leave first. I didn’t even get to talk about the financial issue with Ruglio.”

Sosa was booked on Friday, January 7 for the next double qualifying round, where the Uruguayan National Team will face Paraguay in Asunción on Thursday, January 27, and will host Venezuela on Tuesday, February 1.

Although he accepted that the departure of Óscar Tabárez generated great hopes of being able to be booked or summoned for the first time to the Senior National Team, The goalkeeper affirmed that the appointment of Diego Alonso as the successor of the Master also caused him some uncertainty regarding his possibilities.

Sosa explained the origin of that feeling he had: “It happened to us that when I had Diego as a coach in Pachuca in 2015, we had the situation that the great Rabbit Pérez was there, and I went for those six months to supplant the Rabbit that was I retired at the end of the year and the truth is I didn’t have much participation so I wanted to leave and I went to Rosario Central”.

“Over time I understood the situation and the decision that Diego had to make, on top of that, the 42-year-old Rabbit was making better and better saves. In that last semester, which was the one that supposed that he was going to retire and I came to Pachuca to replace him, I did not have many chances and the Rabbit was at a great level, “he assured.

And he pointed out: “Diego obviously decides on the one who is the best and game by game the Rabbit did not give an advantage or place to anything, so I had to wait for the moment and the opportunity. And luckily I made the decision to leave because the Rabbit decided to continue playing and retired at 45. When Diego was appointed to the Uruguayan National Team, I remembered that and I thought that he was not going to take me into account.”

However, Alonso reserved Sosa and six other goalkeepers (Sergio Rochet, Martín Campaña, Guillermo De Amores, Kevin Dawson, Santiago Mele, Nicolás Vikonis), also taking into account that Celeste’s starting goalkeeper, Fernando Muslera, is recovering from a severe injury (severe tear in the internal lateral ligaments of the left knee and stretching in the anterior cruciate ligament suffered in December of last year).

The Independiente goalkeeper recounted how he received the news of his reservation: “When I received the call I was at Solanas’s house, we ended up at eleven o’clock at night all lying in the pool celebrating joyfully and happily. A giant emotion, it is something that I have been looking for for a long time and that this opportunity has come produces a total emotion, not only in me but also in all the people around me who have lived with me during these years and know of the effort that one has made to be considered”.

Sosa has been able to work this week at the Celeste Complex under the orders of Alonso and together with the youth team and other players from the senior team, such as Diego Godín, Guillermo Varela, Martín Cáceres and Giorgian De Arrascaeta.

“I’d fuck with the prop guys and ask them ‘do I have to go? Is there nothing else to do?’ I didn’t want to leave the Complex, I enjoyed it a lot, it’s something I longed for and wanted, and hopefully we can continue taking small steps forward”, highlighted the goalkeeper who coincided with Godín in the process of the 2005 Under 20 National Team.

“Being among those summoned would be one more step, hopefully so. We keep working for that, and giving our best for that because it’s something I’ve been looking for for a long time. I am happy with the reservation and hopefully we can be on the summons list. Being a starter against Paraguay would be something very nice”, valued.

Lastly, the goalkeeper commented that he had spoken with Fernando Muslera: “We have a fairly fluid contact, and now that the reserved list came out, Nando sent me a message congratulating me, we were also talking about his injury.”

“Football has this about injuries and getting over it, but he has already had moments like these and when he came back he did it in a good way. As soon as he returns, he will be at 100 and will continue to defend the goal of the National Team as he has been doing for so many years, I have no doubt, he is a goalkeeper of the highest level. I am sure that when he recovers, he will return to the level he has shown,” Sosa said.