The Youth Women's National Team began its preparation for the South American Games in Rosario 2022

The Argentine youth team had its first National Concentration ahead of the third South American Youth Games Rosario 2022. The team led by Gisela Acuña was made up of 14 players.

The team trained in double shifts at the Cenarde facilities, they trained at the Cenard facilities and at the Casa Pumas property. The activity of the women’s team is part of the project carried out jointly by the Secretary of Sports of the Nation and the Enard (National Entity for High Performance Sports).

“Honestly, we are very happy with everything that has happened these days. As a staff we are more than satisfied, because we were able to do everything planned; We were able to test the girls in speed and endurance tests, using the Cenard facilities, which are very good and help us a lot. We were also able to work in the gym, where we took care of teaching lifting techniques, exercise techniques that the girls can do on their own. Everything was pure learning in this important stage of formation”, he maintained. Acuna.

For its part, Ruth Velazquez Lopez, representative of Aguará Rugby Club and the youth team of Misiones, brand new champion of the Seven of the Republic of the category, commented: “When the call came I couldn’t believe it; I felt like I was living a dream. It is very exciting to be able to be part of something so important, to be part of this team. With this happening we realize that everything is the result of effort, of the work we do every day.”

In reference to what follows for the youth team, Gisela Acuña explained: “The idea is to carry out two new concentrationspossibly in February and March. There are several interesting players that we want to see and that this time we could not involve, but each one takes a physical training plan and the game proposal that we want to develop; now they are the ones who have to continue training with all the tools and knowledge they have after this campus.”

The 14 players who participated in the Women’s Seven Campus were:

  1. CABRERA, Lourdes (Alberdi Rugby Club; Tucuman)

  2. CONTRERAS, Camila (Calafate Rugby Club; Commodore Rivadavia)

  3. ENTABLE, Constanza (Alberdi Rugby Club; Tucuman)

  4. FIGUEROA, Priscila (Alberdi Rugby Club; Tucuman)

  5. GONZÁLEZ, Zaira (Aguilas Rugby Club; Chaco)

  6. IBAÑEZ, Agustina (Hunter Center; Missions)

  7. JUAN, Candela (Marabunta Rugby Club; Cipolletti)

  8. KRAUS, Clarice Luciana (Aguará Rugby Club; Misiones)

  9. MARIN, Florence (Coipu Rugby Club; Famailla, Tucuman)

  10. MOLINA DUARTE, Milagros (Capri Rugby Club; Misiones)

  11. QUINTEROS CHIESA, Ana Paula (Chelcos Rugby Club; La Rioja)

  12. RETAMAR, Agustina (Cha Roga Club; Santa Fe)

  13. VELAY FOSSAT, Mariel (Argentine Rugby Club; Trenque Lauquen)

  14. VELÁZQUEZ LÓPEZ, Ruth (Agüará Rugby Club; Misiones)

It should be noted that the South American Youth Games will take place in the city of Rosario, between April 28 and May 8, 2022; 15 nations will compete, in a total of 26 disciplines, which will take place entirely in Parque Independencia (the rugby field will be located in the racecourse).

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